PREPTWIN SET Ref.RA PT2440/6 U. of Zurich, Switzerland

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Ref.RA PT2440/6 Diamond Polymer Finisher for refined shaping of all preparations Finishing of preparation margins is essential and propaedeutic for the next treatment steps.

Intensiv PrepTwins Ref.RA PT2440/6 

 Clinically tested by the University of Zurich, Switzerland

  • Diamond Polymer Finisher for refined shaping of all preparations
  • Finishing of preparation margins is essential and propaedeutic for the next treatment steps. The removal of detached enamel prisms and irregular surfaces (so called wave structure) created by rotating instruments, allows an improvement and longer life span of intact restorations.

Product description

  • Diamond Polymer Finisher highly loaded in 3 different diamond grains each to refine preparations.
  • The diamond grains are marked in the polymer by the color brown (60μm), red (40μm) or yellow (15μm).
  • Diamond instruments are covered by a polymer/diamond mixture, respecting the same form and dimension as the previous applied diamond instrument.
  • The metal core below the polymer is coated with the same diamond grain as the diamond polymer mixture.
  • Forms: ball, cylinder, flame, football, torpedo, tapered cone.
  • Recommended speed: max 20.000 rpm with water spray, minimum 50ml/min
  • Length: ball 2mm, cylinder and tapered cone 10mm, flame 4mm, football 3.5mm, torpedo 6mm.
  • Sterilizable, reusable.


  • Finishing of the specific created preparation


  • Form congruent Diamond Polymer Finisher to the previous applied preparation diamond instrument
  • Preserve specific created preparations
  • Diamond coating on the metal core avoids metal signs on surface
  • Selected grain in relation to the degree of adaptation


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