PERIO SET Ref.045 U. of Basel, Switzerland

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Ref.045 Perio Set Diamond instruments for odontoplasty and mechanical root planing in periodontal treatments 475, 675, 575, 775 440, 640, 540, 740 415, 615, 515, 715

Perio Set Ref.045
Diamond instruments for odontoplasty and mechanical root planing in periodontal treatments
475, 675, 575, 775
440, 640, 540, 740
415, 615, 515, 715

Some important interventions in the treatment of periodontitis include the cleaning and polishing of the root surface. Supragingival and subgingival plaque as well as calculus and superficial endotoxin-containing cementum layers must be thoroughly removed. These are absolute preconditions for the complete healing and regeneration of the periodontal tissue.

Product description

  • 12 burs with tapered and flame heads, ISO sizes 012, 014 and 016, in grits 75, 40 and 15μm, with either a short or long neck for each unit. They provide a supplement to the mechanical instrumental treatment of periodontitis.
  • The coarse 75μm burs are used only in odontoplasty, for furcation enlargement and narrow root concavities.
  • The fine grit 40μm burs are used for depuration of root surfaces. The two shapes enable root cleaning even in morphologically difficult areas.
  • The 15μm burs are used for the final planing. These burs are available only in RA and are used at rotation speeds of 6000 rpm, with reduced pressure application.


  • Mechanical removal of supragingival and subgingival concrements
  • Periodontal surgery (depuration of exposed root surfaces)
  • Root planing
  •  Odontoplasty


  • Homogeneous smooth root surfaces
  • Better access to difficult areas (furcations, root concavities, deep periodontal pockets)


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